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A very
special visit

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living's founder , will visit Argentina in September for the 5th time. Take advantage of this opportunity to be in his presence and to participate in many different courses and events. Learn breathing techniques, experiential exercises and knowledge to help improve your quality of your life.

The Planet Meditates

The largest mass meditation in history, in Pampa and Figueroa Alcorta Streets More info...

Courses at the Rural

In presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Ancient wisdom to fae the daily challenges, relaxation, yoga and meditation. For all ages. More info...

Get ready

During his visit, from now until September, there will be will massive events held across the country:
On Saturday May 5th, Yogathon was performed, the first Latin American Yoga Marathon. Hundreds of people doing the same routine of Yoga at the Planetarium in the City of Buenos Aires and dozens of cities around the World. Look at the photos here. look at the photos here
Marathon. Your goal: Now!
A different kind of marathon, in which everyone can take part and enjoy with a big smile and keeping mind and body in harmony. 5 K Competitive run and 1 K participatory. Sunday August 26th 9 AM.