Sri Sri in Cordoba city

During his first visit to Cordoba city, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be giving a conference and public meditation in the Siglo XXI University.

Wednesday Sep 5th 5.30pm

Siglo XXI University Campus

Ignacio Escribano of 'Indra' will be singing live and there will be a closing party hosted by the 'So What Project' live.

Organized by Siglo XXI University, the local Government and the The Art of Living Foundation, this evening's gathering of 6000 people, will be a chance to meet with one of the most important humanitarian leaders of our time. Siglo XXI University will name Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 'Dr. Honoris Causa' and the Province Government will recognize him as a 'Distinguished Visitor' in recognition of his work in our country and all over the world.

How to get to Cordoba: Please contact the local Art of Living Coordinator. If you are in BA please
write to [email protected]