Mass meditation that will unite the whole world

The Planet Meditates will be the largest group meditation in history: 300 cities over the world will meditate at the same time with the purpose of expanding the benefits and positive vibrations of meditation, in this way heightening its pacifying effects.

Where? Pampa y Figueroa Alcorta - CABA
When? Sunday 9th September- 14:00 hs

In Buenos Aires the meditation will be guided live by Sri Sri Ravishankar, and transmitted directly to the rest of the world.

The crossroad of Pampa and Figueroa Alcorta will serve as the scenario for this massive well-being event, which will host 80 thousand people, joining youngsters, grown-ups and children, with the single goal of promoting a better and violence-free world.

It will be a record-breaker, and will go down in history as the largest initiative for universal Peace. Are you going to miss it?