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Who has more famous guitar players? US vs. UK

Both USA and the United Kingdom has given us a plethora of awesome guitarists who know more than a thing or two about GUITAR. But which Country scores over the other? Let's find out!

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Famous Guitar players from the United Kingdom :

From Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page to Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour, from the legendary tunes of Eric Clapton to the sheer awesomeness of Queen's Brian May, the British guitar culture has seen it all. Ever since the advent of the modern guitar age, the British musicians have conquered the world. Be it The Beatles' enigmatic hits of the 60s or the game changing rock tunes of Judas Priest in the 1970s, be it the massively popular rock anthems of Queen or the Soulful tracks of Oasis , the British bands have never been bereft of massive hits. It is hard to argue with the theory that the most dedicated fan following is enjoyed by any Band's guitarist. The list of the most famous British Guitarists includes :

1.Eric Clapton (Cream/Solo)
2.Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
3.Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)
4. Brian May(Queen)
5. Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
6. Daniel Kessler (Interpol)
7. Matt Bellamy (Muse)
8. Jeff Beck (The Yardbirds)
9. Tracy Chapman (Solo)
10.Pete Townsend (The Who/Solo)

Famous Guitarists from the USA :

Just like the case of UK , USA also enjoys a rich guitar culture. The Super-Awesome guitar riffs of guitar legend Jimmy Hendrix are still etched in the minds of music lovers all around the world. And who can forget the incredibly fresh sounds of Lynyrd Skynryd!

The Metal Masters like Kirk Hamlett (Metallica), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Slash (Guns n Roses/Solo) are still rocking our brains out with some out of the world tunes. Despite the fact that the Rock culture has suffered from the advent of pop music, The Guitar love has not lost all its sheen. The most famous American guitarists are:

1. Jimmy Hendrix (Solo)
2. Jack White ( The White Stripes)
3.Kirk Hamlett(Metallica)
4.Dave Mustaine(Megadeth)
5.Stevie Ray Vaughan
6.Chuck Berry(Solo)
7.Bob Dylan (Solo)
8.Gary Rossington(Lynyrd Skynryd)
9. Carlos Santana (Solo)
10.Slash (GnR/Solo)
11.Eddie Van Halen(Van Halen)

The Verdict :

One cannot deny the fact that both the countries have produced the best guitarists of all time. However if you refer to various guitarist ranking released by famous guitar magazines, The British guitarists outweighs their American counterparts by a slight margin. According to the Rolling Stones Top 100 Guitarists rankings, 4 out of the top 5 Guitarists are British! However the top spot in almost all the rankings is held by the American legend Jimi Hendrix. So eventually, it's upto the readers to decide which country has more famous guitarists. But does it really matter? Music is the true winner in any case.